Are you considering embarking on a Metabolic Balance program? Because Metabolic Balance is a personalised nutrition program, there is a lot that can go on! So let me walk you through the Metabolic Balance process my clients undergo to transform their health and achieve their goals.

The Metabolic Balance Process

Step 1: Discovery call

First up, we will jump on a free discovery call together. I don’t want you to jump into Metabolic Balance if you’re not ready to make some changes! We’ll take some time to discuss your current circumstances, your health concerns, and what you want to work towards.

If we decide that the Metabolic Balance program is right for you, we move on to step 2.

Step 2: In-depth health assessment

Congratulations, you’re now taking part in the full Metabolic Balance process!

When we first start working together, you’ll receive a comprehensive in-depth health assessment. This allows us to take a deeper dive into your health and what we need to consider when creating your Metabolic Balance program.

Step 3: Blood test referral

This is another critical part of Metabolic Balance and why it works so effectively. Your tailored program will be created based on how your body responds to specific foods, which we can see in your blood test results. During our initial assessment, I’ll provide you with a referral for the specific blood tests we need.

It can take a few days for your blood test results to come through, depending on when they are taken.

Step 4: Your personalised nutrition plan is ready!

Once your blood results are back, I’ll use these and the information you provided during your assessment to tailor a personalised nutrition plan.

When this is ready to go, we’ll get together and go over everything. I’ll provide you with a copy of your blood test results and your nutrition plan, and we’ll discuss how to start implementing it.

While you wait, I won’t leave you dangling and waiting to make changes! You’ll receive access to some of my Metabolic Balance program modules, including:

  • How to organise your kitchen and set up for success
  • Mindset and goal setting

During this time, you will also join our private Facebook group and start connecting with other members. They will have plenty of tips and recipes to share with you, and they will also be ready to cheer you on!

Step 5: Coaching time!

Now that you’re implementing your nutrition plan, it’s time to join us on the coaching calls! Every week, we’ll come to get and discuss how the program is going and the challenges you face.

Some people are a little hesitant to join the group calls at first. But there is magic in the hive mind – listening to the experience of others, knowing you’re not alone, and getting the accountability and support that most people are missing when it comes to their health. Even if you lurk in the background and listen, you’ll reap the benefits.

You’ll also receive access to more modules, including:

  • Master Your Metabolism – How to transform your body at any age without starving yourself or becoming a slave to the gym

  • The Psychology of Eating – Your secret weapon for combating cravings, emotional eating and self-sabotage

FYI – the people who get the outstanding transformations are the people who turn up regularly to the calls, work through the modules and show up for themselves. It’s up to you to stick to the plan if you want to see the same mind-blowing results.

Metabolic Balance transformation Sarah McLachlan weight loss naturopath

As with any program, each person’s journey is unique. But this gives you an idea of what is possible with Metabolic Balance!

Step 6 – let’s check in

While you’re working your way through your Metabolic Balance process, we’ll have extra trainings, lives and resources shared into the Facebook group. After all, my goal is to support you through all of the changes and challenges you face!

This is also when I’ll remind you that Metabolic Balance is not a quick fix – it’s a holistic lifestyle change. To achieve your goals, we want to work on the underlying issues that have contributed, including the mental and emotional factors.

Final step: Finding your new normal

You made it, and I bet you feel amazing for it! But this isn’t a shoddy diet program that orders you around for 12 weeks then gives you zero direction after you’re done.

You’ll receive a full module on how to confidently maintain your new normal, including how to intuitively eat and choose foods off your plan. This will help you to understand the body’s signals that arise when it’s not happy with a particular food.

This is also when you receive your bonus module: Happy Gut, Happy Life. This will help you say goodbye to symptoms such as reflux, bloating and food sensitivities and maintain a healthy, happy gut long-term.

We’ll also jump onto one last coaching call to help you up-level your results and maintain your new lifestyle. If you’re not feeling like you’re ready to go out on your own again, we can also discuss month-to-month support options.

I had tried other ways of dieting over the years, shakes & intermittent fasting and yes you might lose weight in the beginning but they aren’t sustainable long term and the weight always came back plus more.
Metabolic Balance is a life changer, I have a new appreciation of food and what foods work best for me, you start to listen to your body to determine what foods work with you and what works against you.  This program is not a fad or a diet to me, it has now become a new way of life.
- Claire

To summarise, here is what the Metabolic Balance package includes:

  • The 5 steps for balancing your insulin, regulating your appetite and supporting a healthy metabolism – including videos, handouts, activities and more!
  • A comprehensive in-depth health assessment consultation
  • A Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan
  • 1:1 session to help you understand exactly what and how you need to eat to rebalance and reset your body
  • A private Facebook community for support, recipe sharing, education and other handy tips
  • Ongoing email support
  • An additional 1:1 coaching session to up-level your results and maintain your new lifestyle
  • 3 months of weekly group coaching calls

Plus you’ll receive two juicy bonus resources!

  • Happy Gut, Happy Life – To help you say goodbye to symptoms such as reflux, bloating and food sensitivities and maintain a healthy, happy gut
  • The Psychology of Eating – Your secret weapon for combating cravings, emotional eating and self-sabotage

My own experience of the Metabolic Balance process

I won’t bore you with the details of my own journey in this article – I’ll pop it in a separate post for those who are interested.

But what I do want to share is that I too was a busy woman with almost no time or energy to spare when I first started out on Metabolic Balance. I’m self-employed, I have 4 kids that I was homeschooling even before the pandemic hit, and I like to have some semblance of social life as well!

But although I was busy, I had to change something. The world didn’t stop when I changed how I was running the household! My hubby didn’t fall apart and my kids didn’t starve. If you do everything for everyone, you deny them the opportunity to learn and grow themselves!

It can feel uncomfortable as hell to change. But when you get that first aha-moment around the habit or behaviour that’s been holding you back – it’s truly magical. You feel like you can step back into your own power again.

Is it time for you to take your own journey?

You don’t have to keep suffering through life and feeling tired, blobby, cranky and old.

If you want to finally take back control of your body and life, start with step 1 and book a discovery call here.