Spiced Elderberry Syrup saved the day, again, in our house today. That’s a big call, but here in Victoria, Australia, snotty season is fast approaching. Maybe it’s already arrived, because my littlest one has picked up a bug and was full of snot. All. Day. Long. She wasn’t feeling great, but…

She was EXCITED to be sick.

Wait, what?!

Yep. She was. Because being sick means some of my Spiced Elderberry Syrup. It’s sweet, warming and oh so soothing. Kids love it. Adults do too. Here’s a picture of her clutching her little bottle of Spiced Elderberry Syrup earlier today. She couldn’t wait to get home from my clinic and put some in her water to sip.

Maeve holding Spiced Elderberry Syrup by Sarah McLachlan, Naturopath, Akeso Health

Why SPICED Elderberry SYRUP?

Did you know that Elderberries were traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine both during cold, flu, hayfever or sinusitis; or beforehand in the cooler months to avoid getting sick? This is because elderberries have immune enhancing, anti-microbial and diaphoretic properties. Diaphoretic means it will help modulate a fever so you burn off the bugs quicker.

With this Spiced Elderberry Syrup honey is used as the preservative. Rather than alcohol as is used with the medicinal herbal extracts (tinctures) I use in clinic. This syrup is a more pleasant way to take medicine, and much more kid-friendly! You just take a little bit each day, or more frequently if you do get sick. And just like Mary Poppins used to say, a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down in hte most delightful way.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

reap the benefits without the mess

Well, we love Spiced Elderberry Syrup in our house, and this year I’m offering you the opportunity to love it too, but WITHOUT THE HASSLE! That’s right, I’ll make the mess and clean it up; while all you have to do is pick it up from the clinic in Sassafras in early May. (Postage is available, but please email me for a quote.) I’ll personalise your mix and dosages for you and your family when you pick it up.

How good is that?! Oh and did I mention that I’ve chosen 100% organic ingredients?

Find out more and the pre-order form, here or here.

Don’t dilly dally and miss out! There’s limited bottles available for order. 😉