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My Proven Method to Take Control of Your Changing Body & Chaotic Hormones

If you’re a woman over 40 who needs to figure out how to find hormonal balance and lose weight in a healthy (and permanent!) way…

Then this masterclass is for YOU!

Ever wondered why ‘everything changes’ and some women really struggle to maintain their health once they hit 40?

And what exactly does a Naturopath and Women’s Hormone expert like me do to help them? 

I hear from women every day who feel frustrated that all the things that used to work aren’t helping… and they’ve tried everything!

All the diets, the crazy shakes and meal replacements. All the punishing exercise regimes… please, no!

The truth is, most women don’t realise the impact their changing hormones have on their metabolism. And how nutrition needs to be personalised to get the best results (we are all unique and different beings, after all!)

Once they learn my metabolism reset method, they finally understand their bodies and what works to help them feel calm, in control, less stressed and more comfortable in their clothes! Here’s to making it through to menopause and beyond without it ruining your life!

I’m sharing exactly what my proven method is in this FREE masterclass that you can watch RIGHT NOW! 


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Honestly nothing more exciting than seeing Sarah McLachlan from Akeso Health giving a presentation on nourishing and supporting your body in busy times. Her talks are so easy to hear, easy to follow and she translates some pretty complex information into palatable, bite-sized pieces! What a wonderful woman to have speak at our Day For Women.

Anneliese, Victoria

Sarah is amazing to work with. I completed the Metabolic Balance program with her and I can honestly say it has changed my life. When I received my program my first thought was I can’t do that, it is not enough food, I can’t snack, and who can drink that much water? I was completely wrong. This program is not only about weight loss, it is changing your whole way of thinking about food and what your body’s needs. As I was eating the right foods for my body I never felt unsatisfied or hungry, or that I was lacking because I couldn’t “treat” myself like I used to.

I had tried other ways of dieting over the years, shakes & intermittent fasting and yes you might lose weight in the beginning but they aren’t sustainable long term and the weight always came back plus more. Metabolic Balance is a life changer, I have a new appreciation of food and what foods work best for me, you start to listen to your body to determine what foods work with you and what works against you. This program is not a fad or a diet to me, it has now become a new way of life.

I could not have gotten through this if it was for Sarah’s knowledge and guidance, thank you so much Sarah!!

Claire, Rowville