Initial Consultation | 60-90 minutes | $180 

This session is dedicated to gathering facts and information about you and your health issues, goals, and current lifestyle. I will gather information from pre-consultation questionnaires and the Food, Mood and Poo diary you receive by email to complete before the initial consultation. Please note: I generally don’t prescribe at this consultation, but at the follow-up ‘Wellness Plan’ consultation.

I use questioning, physical examination and testing to increase my understanding of the current state of your health. Testing establishes a baseline for us to compare against as your treatment progresses. There may be additional questionnaires I need you to complete during or after this consultation depending on your health goals.

Any general or functional pathology requirements will be identified and discussed. Additional tests may be required to clarify genetic traits or susceptibilities, sensitivities, allergies, intolerance, or how you are reacting to your current lifestyle. If a referral letter to a doctor or specialist is required, it will be written for you.

Please bring any current test results with you to your initial consultation. Most Doctors and allied health professionals are happy to give you a copy of your test results.

We’ll then get together within 10 days to discuss the Wellness Plan I prepare for you outside of the initial consultation.

WELLNESS PLAN | 45-60 minutes | $110

After the Initial Consultation, I take all the information I have gathered and spend time analysing, assessing and interpreting it. This time is dedicated just to you and is included within the Initial Consultation fee.

Through this analysis of your health information and any pathology results provided, I gain a holistic view of your current state of health and your body’s strengths and nurture points. This helps me understand why you are feeling the way you are and what we need to do or change to alter this and move towards optimal health. You will receive a written prescription that details an understanding of what is going on in your body, treatment aims, tests to consider, and diet, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal recommendations to support you in achieving your health goals.

This session follows the Initial Consultation.


Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plans are available at no extra charge.


Kids or baby consultations run a bit differently. The Initial Consultation may be shorter and I usually write their prescription during this time. There is no Wellness Plan consultation. The fees for their Initial Consultations reflects the reduced time.


Restoring your health and wellness is an exciting process. During the treatment stage, I’ll support you to develop a new understanding of your health and well-being. You may enjoy new-found energy and vitality as we work through the recommendations and changes detailed in your personalised Wellness Plan.

In the early part of the treatment stage, we’ll see each other more regularly. My aim is that as you develop an understanding of your strengths and nurture points; maintaining your health and wellness will simply become part of the way you live your life. At this time we will not need to see each other regularly, though bi-annual 30-minute consultations to focus on disease prevention are recommended.


Book a time to start your journey to wellness. If you are unsure about Naturopathy or if I am the right practitioner for you, please book a free 15-minute discovery call so we can talk about your questions or concerns.


Once you have booked your consultation time you will receive a welcome email which contains information about this process, what you need to do, and links to an online and paper-based questionnaire to complete.


Please allow 20 minutes (at least a day or two before your consultation) to fill these in. You will also notice a two-day ‘Food, Mood, and Poo’ Diary attached to your welcome email. Bring your completed diary to the initial consultation.

book in with Sarah for a consultationbook in for a 15 minute discovery call


Available for those needing Naturopathic support with acute illness, such as cold and flu symptoms, viruses (EG hand, foot and mouth; glandular fever, cold sores), hay fever, warts, recovery from gastro, tonsilitis or thrush.

This isn’t a full consultation and only focuses on reducing the presenting symptoms. You may need an initial consultation at another time if I feel there are more issues that need to be addressed. If more time or investigation is required, then please be aware that (with your agreement) this will be charged accordingly.

Please understand that the following mean an acute consultation isn’t suitable:

  • you’ve had the condition for more than one month;
  • you’re taking more than two medications;
  • you have severe allergies, asthma or eczema.

Not sure if an acute consult is suitable for you? Then please call me on 0418845944 or email info@akesohealthcare.com.au.


If for some reason you need to reschedule your consultation, please give 48 hours notice, or you will be charged in full for the missed consultation. (Consultations may be conducted by phone or video conference at the allocated time if necessary.) Giving notice allows me to offer this time to someone else who may be waiting for an earlier consultation time.

Recommended herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, other Naturopathic products, and laboratory testing are not included in consultation fees. You will be notified of all associated costs when I recommend specific health products and/or laboratory tests and may decide whether to proceed with these or not. Payment plans are always available to you. Please note that you are always free to choose where to purchase the recommended products.

In order for us to build a healthy, responsible relationship, please plan to pay fees at the time services are rendered. Payment plans are available at no extra charge, please just ask if you’d like to take advantage of this. Discounts are offered to Health Care Card or Pension Card holders.