what’s going on in your guts?

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Our bodies hold 10 times more microbes than human cells! 100 trillion microbes are estimated to live in our body. The large intestine (colloquially called the gut) hosts the highest number of bacterial cells and collectively these microbes in the gut form a microbiota. The genetic material in the microbes is what is referred to when we talk about the ‘microbiome’. Understanding and tending to the state of our microbiome, is like tending to the soil of the forest floor or vegetable garden. When we do that, the foundation is set for everything to flourish.

What’s all the fuss about?

We are all unique, with different strengths, weaknesses and pre-disposition or (genetic) tendency for diseases. However, within our gut there are microbes that help us achieve or maintain optimal health. The microbiome influences how we digest food, how we feel, our disease risk and how we fight it, resilience to stress and other health challenges. They can calm our immune system or rev it up. This microbiome has a lot of control over us!

More and more research is being conducted on the different species of microbes to help us understand what they do in the intestines and how they help us feel great. Not only that, we are starting to understand the ideal balance of microbial species and the percentages of them that keep our guts singing.


impacted by diet & lifestyle


of dopamine is made in the gut


of serotonin is made in the gut

fun facts

Some species like Akkermansia muciniphilia have been found in lower amounts in those with Irritable Bowel Disease, appendicitis, type 2 diabetes and obesity? Other species like Fusobacterium nucleatum have been shown to stop chemotherapy from working when in high levels.

How about this? The neurotransmitters our nervous system and brain use to communicate, and that impact our mood, motivation and impulse control, are mostly made in the intestines with the help of our microbiota? A whopping 90% of our serotonin is made in the intestines. And 50% of dopamine is made there too. No wonder our guts are called our second brain!


I’m so passionate about gut health and the impact it has on health, that I’ve done more learning post-uni to help me support you better. I’ve studied the microbiome under Dr Jason Hawrelak – Australia’s microbiome guru so I understand what is desirable in your microbiome and in what quantity. I’m also able to provide you with more targeted information about what foods, herbs or nutrients you need to obtain a ‘healthy gut’.

Microba is my choice of provider for testing to produce the data for your microbiome analysis. This is an Australian based company that has developed world-leading sequencing technology.  Importantly, I feel confident that they will keep your genetic material secure and safe. No need to send it overseas to a company that may on-sell your genetic information.

ready to get to the guts of your health?

Microbiome analysis is available whether you’re a current client of Akeso Health or not. You can order your Microba Insights kit directly from Microba, using my practitioner referral code (REFSM455RG4) to make sure I get your results. Alternatively, I can order it for you. Prices for the test kit, testing and analysis are detailed below. If you would like to do a payment plan for the test and personalised recommendations, then please contact me before ordering.