Why you’d want to kick sugar and how to do it in one workshop!

Too easy…

Or is it?

Quitting added sugar is HARD! Anyone who has tried to kick the sugar habit will tell you so. At my next workshop, on 18 May 2019, 2.30pm; I’m going to talk you through why quitting sugar is so tricky. When you know what’s going on in your body, it’s easier to quit sugar.

Why would I even want to quit sugar, you say? We’ll go through that in the workshop too. For now, let me tell you that reducing added sugar makes it easier for your body to balance (stabilise) blood sugar levels. Avoiding the ups and downs, or spikes, in blood sugar levels that happen when you eat lots of added sugar or refined flour products. This helps you (and especially kids!) stay calm, focused, and happier. Of course better dental health is a side effect of low added sugar intake. But did you know that anxiety may be reduced, impulse control and behaviour improve along with digestion, weight and fat mass? Overall health is significantly better when there are less added sugars in the diet.

This workshop isn’t about no-carb or worrying about sugars in wholefoods like carrots and fruit. The focus is on increasing your knowledge about sugar, how to find it (including other names and forms it hides as), and the QUALITY of the sugar we are eating. For example, we will discuss REFINED and HIDDEN SUGARS, as reducing these is the first step to kick sugar! Other tools, tips and tricks will be discussed to help you quit the sugar habit.

Seats are limited to 20, and there are no door sales, so get in early and avoid disappointment! For more information or to reserve your seat, please visit: https://app.simpleclinic.net/index.php/public/workshop/index/W6DPx