‘Wind Down’ Blend | Australian Bush Flower Essence


If you are over-committed, impatient, finding it hard to relax or unwind, then this is the Australian Bush Flower Essence blend for you. Find calmness, peace, clarity among the chaos with Wind Down blend.



Find it hard to relax or unwind?

Irritated, frustrated, scattered, or hurried & worried?

Don’t know where to start or what to do next?

Maybe you have trouble going to sleep?

This is the Bush Flower Essence blend for you. Wind Down helps you find clarity, inner calm, peace and tranquility among the chaos, helping you to relax and unwind. Many users say when they (or their kids) use this blend they go to sleep easier. Suitable for use with all ages, this essence is perfect for the scattered, easily distracted, impulsive child.

Australian Bush Flower Essences are an energetic therapy, harnessing the power of Australian native flowers, created by Herbalist Ian White.

The remedies may help to release negative beliefs held in the sub-conscious mind, allowing positive virtues of the ‘Higher Self’ – like love, joy, faith , courage – to shine. When this happens, negative beliefs and thoughts are reduced, balance is restored and true healing may occur. Many of the remedies also have a powerful effect at the physical level because of this action.

Children and adults respond powerfully to Australian Bush Flower Essences and I recommend the Emergency and Wind Down blends for every homes first aid kit. Personalised blends are available too, please contact me on orders@akesohealthcare.com.au to order yours.

DOSAGE: 7 drops under tongue on rising and when going to bed. Alternatively, add 7 drops to 30mL water and drink.

CONTAINS: vibrational essences of boronia, bottlebrush, busch fuchsia, crowea, jacaranda, little flannel flower and paw paw; purified water and brandy (preservative).

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