It’s that time of year – the party season packed full of events, alcohol, indulgent treats, late nights and a hectic schedule! So how can you navigate the holidays in a way that allows you to enjoy yourself but not feel drained and miserable afterwards?

There are plenty of ways to tackle this – but one solid strategy is with a morning routine. If you tick these steps off first thing each morning, you’re on your way to a great holiday season.

Your Simple & Effective Party Season Morning Routine

Get hydrated

Before you do anything else in the morning (pick up your phone, break up an argument between the kids, even pour your first cup of coffee…) do this.

Drink 500mls of fresh, ideally filtered, water.

Yep – it’s that simple.

Why? Well, I’ve recently banged on about why hydration is so important. But in this case, it’s because research has found that 500ml in the morning is the sweet spot for boosting:

  • Cognition (brain function)
  • Memory
  • Energy levels
  • Mood

Drinking water as soon as you wake up helps to rehydrate you – after all, you’ve spent anywhere from 6-8+ hours without a drop of water! But drinking water can also help to tweak down your calorie intake later on as well, which is a big one if you’re going to be surrounded by high-calorie food and drinks.

Kick off with a nourishing brekkie

‘Tis not the season to be skipping meals – especially breakfast! We don’t want to feed into the calorie restriction and dieting mindset of cutting your calories to ‘make up’ for later. It’s a recipe for yo-yo energy, appetite and mood, which is exactly what you don’t want at this time of year.

That’s why we want to pack plenty of nourishment in with the first meal of the day. But when I say nourishing, I don’t mean toast with Vegemite, jam or butter (or even worse – just coffee!)

We want to incorporate a good amount of protein to keep your blood sugar levels steady for the day and prevent the hangries from kicking in later. And as a bonus, let’s sneak in some fresh produce as well for some fibre, nutrients and antioxidants.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to putting together a balanced breakfast? Make sure you download a copy of my FREE guide, The Chaos To Calm Balanced Meal Formula.

Take a few mindful moments

Even though it’s you that is going out during party season, it’s pretty rare that you’re thinking only about your own enjoyment! As mums, we spend most of our time buying presents, prepping meals and snacks, planning events, playing taxi to the kids, coping with in-laws…

So before you dive into taking care of everyone else’s needs? Take a tiny chunk of time out to be present and tune in with how you’re feeling.

If your kids are older and more independent, you could squeeze in a 5-10 minute guided meditation. But if you have littlies or don’t get that much time to yourself in the morning? Take 10 slow, deep breaths. Worst case scenario, take those breaths on the loo with the door closed!

You might also like to set an intention for the day or a little habit of self-care. Mother-in-law drives you crazy? Plan to take a long, deep breath before responding to anything she says. Wishing the family would be more present? Set the example yourself – pop your phone away during dinner or as you’re unwrapping presents (you can always take photos later!)

Going out? Make a plan!

Winging it when you’re out and about can set you up for failure. After all, it’s a lot harder to resist temptation when it’s staring you right in the face! That’s why it’s best to make a plan for how you’re going to indulge at social occasions.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your absolute favourite foods and drinks at this time of year. But have a think about:

  • What are your non-negotiable must-haves? For example, you won’t see me walking past a rich chocolate mousse (yum!)
  • How much is enough? This is particularly important with both sugary and/or alcoholic drinks – as there’s not really much additional enjoyment between 1-2 glasses and a bottle (or two!)
  • What’s the plan for afterwards? If you know your choices are going to lead to some side effects, put something in place to make it easier later on. You might like to put a big glass of water next to the bed, or prep a nourishing tummy-friendly meal for later.

Already dreaming of a healthier, happier and calmer you in 2023?

Don’t get me wrong – the party season has its place. But soon it will be a New Year, and you have the opportunity to make a change!

If you want to dive into the New Year feeling energised, cool as a cucumber and able to tackle anything the world throws at you, I’m here to help. Book in for a free discovery call today, and we can explore how I can help you to support and nourish yourself in 2023 – mind, body and spirit.