My Proven Method to Take Control of Your Post-40 Changing Body & Chaotic Hormones Masterclass 13th April 2021

If you’re a woman over 40 who needs to figure out how to find hormone balance and lose weight in a healthy (permanent!) way… Then this masterclass is for YOU!

Being held 13th April 2021, 1pm AEST – watch the masterclass in full and receive a free gift worth $75. There will be a recording emailed 24 hours after the event, so be there live and access the juicy goodness before everyone else!

Find out more and register here: https://app.simpleclinic.net/index.php/public/workshop/index/Z0XrJ

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This is the place for women in their 40s to explore the possibility that:
  • you CAN master your chaotic mood swings & changing hormones
  • weight gain in your 40s (& 50s) isn’t inevitable
  • peri-menopause DOESN’T have to be horrific, and
  • you CAN make it to menopause without it ruining your life & relationships.
We will talk all things hormones, mood, periods, stress, food, energy and mindset (but curated to what actually works from a naturopathic or natural health perspective!) In particular, the group focuses on how you can transform your health in your 40s, so that you feel in control of your hormones, mood, energy & most importantly what comes out of your mouth! #noregrets
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Hit your 40s and feeling out-of-control, with chaotic mood swings and changing hormones?

Download my ‘The Chaos to Calm Balanced Meal Formula for a Smooth Transition’ and learn the foods you can eat to help support balance for your hormones and moods both NOW and as you journey to menopause.

Set your body and mind up for a smoother, less stressful transition using food as medicine. No fancy super foods, fussy recipes or lots of time needed.






Hi, I’m Sarah McLachlan, Naturopath and Metabolic Balance practitioner.

I help women in their 40s navigate chaotic mood-swings & changing hormones, so they can feel calm, balanced & in control, and make it to menopause without it ruining their lives.

Find out more about how I may help you to reclaim your health, energy and mood in your 40s and beyond, by booking a free, no obligation, discovery call using my calendar here.

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