WEBINAR: Get the Keys to a Strong Immune System - 21st march
🧻 🥫 So everyone’s stocked up with toilet paper & tinned food 🧻🥫 But what does that have to do with getting a virus? 🤔
Are you wondering what you can actually do to help reduce you & your family’s risk of getting sick? (And using up all your babysitting credits this Autumn & Winter!)
🛡️ The Keys to a Strong Immune System 🛡️ is a live webinar (with recording) to help you understand how to boost your immune system’s health using food, nutrients and home herbal remedies, even if you’ve never done anything like this before!
ON THE BLOG: Naturopath Mama's Whole Foods Guide to Quarantine Prepping

I never thought I’d be talking to you about quarantine prepping, but here we are. It seems like the time for self isolation or quarantine is getting closer here in Melbourne, so I wrote a food shopping list this afternoon, one that would get us through a couple of weeks when we need it to. I thought I’d share it so you can make your plans and keep eating a nutrient dense, whole foods diet when your body needs it most. Find the blog here.


Doing all the right things, but still feeling exhausted, irritable and overwhelmed? Maybe you’ve got the feeling something isn’t right, even though you’ve been told everything is ‘normal’?

I love helping Mums go from exhausted & irritated to feeling energetic, motivated and more like the did before kids, using easy-to-follow, practical advice & information about their body.

As a Naturopath, using my toolkit of herbal & nutritional medicine I also work with you to relieve symptoms like hayfever, pain, headaches, migraines, IBS, PMS, anxiety, depression, fatigue & auto-immune conditions.


If you have any of these symptoms, or feel something isn’t quite right, and you’d like to take a natural approach to finding the underlying cause, then please get in touch or find a time to start your journey to reclaim your health by clicking here for my booking calendar. Or find out more about the services I offer here.


Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and irritated? Worried about burnout?

Wishing for energy, motivation and enthusiasm?

Learn the signs and symptoms of stress your body is giving, when you check your stress levels and burnout risk with my free quiz, and discover the secrets to Endless Energy in my free downloadable eBook.

Take the quiz now at: https://mailchi.mp/akesohealthcare/burnouthealthcheck


ON THE BLOG: Mum Burnout: Are You At Risk?

Exhaustion is pretty common for Mums, so it must be normal then, right? Um, no, not really. Burnout is physical and emotional exhaustion (that extra sleep doesn’t get rid of) from the burden of stress that exceeds your personal resources to cope with. People often talk about it in relation to paid work. But there’s no reason that you can’t get burntout from unpaid work.

How do you know if you’ve got Mum burnout? There’s 3 main characteristics, and a lot of physical signs & symptoms that are warning bells. Take the quiz at the end of the blog and understand the signs & symptoms your body is showing and your risk of burnout. https://akesohealthcare.com.au/mum-burnout-are-you-at-risk

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From time to time I keep a track of what I’ve put in a meal and type it up to share with you on the blog. This doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but here’s a quick link to the ones I’ve shared so far. You’ll find:

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