Chaos to Calm METHOD

After hitting snooze as many times as humanly possible, you finally drag your sweaty, aching body out of bed. You have a busy day again – actually, when was the last time your day wasn’t busy? 

Breakfast is an afterthought at the best of times, so you make yourself a coffee to go in the hopes of waking yourself up. You have just enough time to snap at your child for breathing too loudly before you run out the door. 

Eventually, you find yourself wondering – is this really how the rest of my life is going to be?

It doesn’t help when people keep telling you:

“You’re supposed to be tired, you’re a Mum”

“You’re not a young woman anymore”

“Everything’s normal, you’re just overreacting”

But the truth is if you exist in a permanent state of crippling exhaustion or chaotic moodiness, there’s a reason why. 


Introducing The Chaos to Calm Method 

Your In-depth Personal Guide for a Smooth Transition to Menopause

The Chaos to Calm Method is the proven program for women struggling with perimenopause. Get set to master your moods and harmonise your hormones so you can feel calm, energised and balanced for years to come.


The program is delivered over 6 months online, and includes:

  • Video lessons, workbooks and actions
  • Weekly group coaching calls via Zoom
  • Extensive blood testing (for some this includes women’s hormones) with functional pathology report for your education
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • A private Facebook group where you can share ideas and ask questions

Step 1: Your Thorough Health Assessment

The first step is to uncover your key drivers for the chaotic moods & hormones with a full health assessment and blood test. You’ll kick off the journey to your personalised nutrition plan that will transform your hormones and mood.

Step 2: Getting Your Mind Set For Success

Set yourself up with the right tools and mindset for success to create long-lasting change, no matter what life throws at you. You’ll establish clear goals for the results you want and use my magic formula to make them stick, regardless of what goes on around you.

Step 3: Your Personal Super Foods For A Balanced Body & Mind

Get clear on the nutrients, foods and actions women in their 40s need for balanced mood, hormones, energy and lush skin, hair and nails. You’ll receive an in-depth functional pathology report to deepen your understanding of your body, what’s going on and why you’ve been feeling the way you do. I create a bespoke naturopathic prescription for you, to enhance your results, based on your blood tests and health appraisal.

Step 4: Harmonising Your Hormones For A Smooth Transition

Understand the key hormone changes that can leave women in their 40s struggling and how to influence the impact on your body and mind. You’ll finally understand why there’s a ‘super bitch’ you didn’t know existed living inside you and how to shut her up.

Step 5: The Effect Of Stress + Building Your Resilience

Gain a deep understanding of how your body responds to stress, and how it messes with your hormones and mental health. It’s time to say goodbye to the rage, anxiety and overwhelm that you can’t control, so you can be calm, patient and tolerant with your family, workmates and friends.

The Chaos To Calm Method includes:

  • The 5 steps to take you from chaos to calm, including lifestyle education program of videos, handouts, activities and more
  • A comprehensive in-depth health assessment consultation
  • A ‘Success Pack’ with goodies to support you throughout the program
  • Personalised herb & nutrient prescription
  • A Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan and 1:1 session to help you understand exactly what and how you need to eat to rebalance and reset your body and mind
  • A private Facebook community for support, recipe sharing, education, and other tips  
  • Ongoing email support
  • 2 additional 1:1 coaching sessions to up-level your results and maintain your new lifestyle
  • 6 months of weekly group coaching calls

Plus you’ll receive 2 juicy bonus resources!

Bonus 1: The Psychology of Eating – Combat Cravings, Emotional Eating, Self-Sabotage & More

Learn how to curb your cravings and recognise emotional eating behaviours, so you can give your body what it actually needs (hint: it isn’t food!)

Bonus 2: Confidently Maintain Your New Normal

Understand how you can live beyond a meal plan and maintain your newfound balance for life.