Hi, I’m Sarah Mclachlan, a Naturopath with a passion for helping women in their 40s feel calm, balanced & in control amongst the chaos of changing hormones, mood & body, so they can make it to menopause without it ruining their lives.

If my kids were to describe me, I imagine it would be along the lines of ‘drinks coffee, talks to her crystals, plants & herbs, is on Zoom a lot, lives in her active wear’. But it hasn’t always been like that.

I had quite a health journey when I had my kids. For more than ten years I was feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, depressed and anxious. 

Like many Mums, post-pregnancy I had ignored my health, pouring my energy into my kids. My kids were starting to repeat the health patterns of my childhood with persistent rashes, allergies, asthma, and anxiety.

Our journey back to health began when I took one of the kids to a naturopath. The diet advice they gave us was simple but life-changing.

I wanted to help people back to health like that too.

But when I hit my 40s and started to hit that perimenopausal stage, everything went out the window.

I was exhausted all the time. Every day I would wake up feeling overwhelmed, bloated and moody. My resting face was ‘get the heck away from me’. My kids were frightened to ask me for anything.

Honestly, I was a sweaty, anxious, irritated blob!

I was doing all of the ‘right things’. I was eating well, taking my herbs and trying everything I knew should work – but nothing did. At one point I went back to keto, then low carb, but ended up putting on even more weight and feeling just as rubbish.

So what was I doing wrong?

  • I wasn’t tailoring my nutrition to my body’s specific needs. That’s why low carb did nothing for me – it might be a fit for some people, but it wasn’t what my body needed to thrive.
  • I was underestimating the effect that stress had on my life. Chronic stress is toxic to anyone, but when you throw in the changes of perimenopause, it leads straight to burn-out.
  • I was prone to self-sabotaging behaviours. This is a normal part of the process of transformation, but it was what stopped me from achieving my health goals.

Something had to give. And in July of 2020, I finally took the plunge to get myself back on track using Metabolic Balance. 

Metabolic Balance transformation Sarah McLachlan weight loss naturopath

12 weeks later, I was a completely different person.

So how do I feel now?

  • I sleep like a baby – I don’t even have to take sleepy herbs any more
  • Hot flushes and sweating have vanished
  • My ‘stress baby’ tummy is gone (and so is the snoring it caused!)
  • I have all the energy I need to do everything in my life as a home-schooling mum who runs a thriving business

I’m strong, happy and healthy; ready to support you to reclaim your health and feel more like you did before you turned 40.


I became a Naturopath because I know how critical what we eat and how we manage stress is if we want to feel calm, balanced and energised. In naturopathy, we see the body as an integrated group of systems with an inherent ability to heal. There is not a quick fix or a pill for each ill because every system impacts on the rest.

Healing is a process that differs for each and every one of us – we are all unique with inherent strengths and nurture points. I’m here to guide you when it comes to herbs, supplements, and natural approaches to lifestyle and food to support your body’s natural healing ability.


Don’t let stress, overwhelm, burnout or anxiety stop you from living life with energy and vitality. 

Be empowered to take control of your wellness and reach your health goals. You’ve looked after your family – now it’s time to look after you.

All you have to do is book a free discovery call. I’ll talk you through the easy-to-achieve steps to wellness that are completely personalised to you.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
  • Certificate IV Breastfeeding Education (Counsellor)


  • Metabolic Balance practitioner training – this gives me access to the tools to make health & vitality easier for you to achieve, using 100% tailor-made (personalised) nutrition programs. 
  • Microbiome Masterclass – assists me to analyse and interpret raw data from stool testing to optimise intestinal microbiome balance and function using food, herbs and nutrients.
  • Microba Insights – enables me to understand and interpret results from Microba stool test and implement a treatment plan to optimise composition and function of the intestinal microbiome.
  • Genetics in Research & Practice – understand genetic variations (SNPs), the factors involved in the switching on of genes, nutrigenomics, and the application of nutrigenomic information in clinic with nutritional and herbal therapeutic supports.