Hi, I’m Sarah Mclachlan, a Naturopath with a passion for helping mums to thrive and feel more like they did before kids.

For more than ten years I was feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, depressed and anxious.

I couldn’t shake these feelings no matter how much sleep I got or how I changed my diet. I was burnt out and not feeling any better, despite all the health and food information I was reading on the internet. I was doing all the right things, but still feeling so down and so tired.

Each day I felt more frightened I was going to feel this bad forever.

I was developing new allergies, the psoriasis that had plagued me since my teens were out of control, I had brain fog. Yet as a Mum, I couldn’t go on like this. Like many Mums, post-pregnancy I had ignored my health, pouring my energy into my kids.

My kids were starting to repeat the health patterns of my childhood with persistent rashes, allergies, asthma, and anxiety.

Getting through a day at school was a struggle that left them exhausted and overwhelmed. I needed to support them through life and help them to thrive. Most of all, we weren’t enjoying life as a family. I couldn’t let them grow up like this.

My journey back to health didn’t start until I took one of my children to a Naturopath about her recurring nappy rash. The (diet) advice from the Naturopath made it go away and never come back. Amazing!

I wanted to help people back to health like that too.

You’d think that my health would improve while studying Naturopathy, wouldn’t you? I’m sad to say that while I managed to eat well, the stress of studying with small children, two more pregnancies, and a major upheaval for our family meant that my health suffered badly. I propped myself up as best I could, but eventually had to acknowledge I was burnt out when I developed Chronic Fatigue and multiple allergies.

Finally, at breaking point I prioritised my health and wellbeing.

Sure, I was breastfeeding, had been through four pregnancies and my kids still woke me up at night, but I was feeling like an old woman and I was only in my early 40s! This couldn’t be normal. It didn’t feel normal, despite what doctors told me.

So I decided I’d treat myself like my most important client (I was!) and get myself back on track.

Firm boundaries went in place. A schedule helped me keep on track and make sure I had time to rest. It was hard to dip in to our savings to pay for testing, herbs and supplements, but I was worth it. My family were depending on me.

And you know what?

I don’t regret focusing on me, or the money I spent, one bit.

Neither do my family. Because I said goodbye to:

  • Fatty liver,
  • Brain fog,
  • Chronic Fatigue,
  • Depression,
  • Joint and muscle pain,
  • Many other hayfever and allergy symptoms.

I can be exposed to the things I am allergic to and no longer:

  • be wiped out for days
  • experience brain fog,
  • get headaches
  • or have such poor memory and concentration that I forget what I’m saying before I get to the end of every sentence.

I’m strong, happy and healthy; ready to support you to reclaim your health and feel more like you did before you had kids.


Want to feel more like you did before you had kids?