hi, I’m Sarah,

I help women in their 40s master the chaos of changing hormones, mood and metabolism so they can feel calm, in control, less stressed and more comfortable in their body (and make it to menopause without it ruining their life)!

Like you, I am many things to many people

For you, I am a Naturopath. Nutritionist. Herbalist. Metabolic Balance Coach. Most importantly, I am a mother. So I get it. I know what it is like to be deep in the trenches of parenting. 

Even when your kids become more independent, you’ve spent so long feeling exhausted and overwhelmed that prioritising yourself and your health seems like yet another chore!

There is always something demanding your attention!

After years of putting everyone else first, you’re stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and at risk of chronic health problems. 

Add in the roller coaster of hormone changes that happen in your 40s and perimenopause, and you might notice symptoms pop up such as:

  • Fatigue, disrupted sleep, headaches, migraine, brain fog
  • Irritability, depression, anxiety
  • Diarrhoea, constipation
  • Allergies or autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Metabolic issues such as type 2 diabetes, PCOS, sugar cravings, non-alcoholic fatty liver and weight gain
  • Hormonal imbalances that cause PMS, PMDD and perimenopausal issues
  • High blood pressure, rising cholesterol
  • Muscle or joint pain

Getting old, or chronic stress and poor nutrition sabotaging your health?

It creeps in slowly. You might wake up feeling as tired as you did when your head hit the pillow. Or maybe you find you can’t enjoy your favourite glass of wine on the weekend because your body won’t tolerate it anymore. But everyone tells you that it’s normal to feel like this – just ‘part of getting old’.

The next thing you know, your ‘fat day’ pants become your everyday pants – and your everyday pants are gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe.

It’s a vicious cycle. You can’t easily change the demands of your life. Maybe you don’t know where to start. It often ends up being easier to do nothing because it’s less stressful than changes that affect your family dynamics.

You are not alone

I have been there. Like you, I was feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. I was burnt out from caring for my children and mothering in the isolation of a modern world. 

As a result, there were many times when I couldn’t see my way out of these feelings. I was terrified that this was my reality – always tired, sick and in pain. Were things always going to be this hard? Or were they just going to get worse?

Because of my experience and the experiences of women I have supported, I can tell you that they won’t stay this way. You can feel yourself again with the right support system. 

Take control of your health

I see you and the work you do. It’s my job to empower you to take back control and show you that you CAN do it. You don’t just have to survive, you can thrive.

There’s so much conflicting information available on the internet and social media these days. How do you know what to do? Who should you listen to? What will work and what is a waste of time?

Using tools such as personalised nutrition, wholefoods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes, you can become more resilient to the stress that piles up every day. If stress has taken a toll on your health, these tools can facilitate your body’s natural healing process.

First and foremost, there are natural approaches that may help you become more resilient and cope during stressful times. Secondly, if stress has taken a toll on your health, there are ways to support your body and encourage it to recover and heal. Even during perimenopause and beyond.

Health and wellness for you and your family

Optimal health is a process that is unique to you – your body, your lifestyle and your goals. That’s why I tailor my practical and realistic advice to you. 

If you’re ready to reclaim your energy and enthusiasm and enjoy the life you deserve, I’m here to help you do just that.

Start your journey to feeling more like you did before kids by booking a free discovery call and find out how I may support you.

The Chaos To Calm Method

It’s normal to feel tired, cranky, stressed and overwhelmed in your 40s – right? Think again. If you exist in a permanent state of crippling exhaustion or chaotic moodiness, there’s a reason why. 

The Chaos to Calm Method is the proven program for women struggling with the roller coaster hormone changes of your 40s and perimenopause. Get set to transform your hormones and mood with this in-depth personal guide for a smooth transition to menopause.

Metabolic Balance Program

Is your mojo missing in action? Does the scale keep creeping up no matter what crazy diet you try? It’s not you – it’s your hormones. 

But being healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to involve dieting, deprivation or calorie counting. Metabolic Balance is a tailored nutrition program that resets your metabolism and rebalances your hormones. If you want to quit dieting forever, Metabolic Balance is for you.

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